Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ryan Botha Interview

I'm so excited to publish this weeks interview with Ryan Botha. Mr. Botha is an incredibly handsome professional model (as you can obviously tell by the above picture) and retired soccer player. On top of that, he also has been Men's Health cover model. He kindly provided me great pictures of him modeling underwear which can be found at the end of the interview.  I encourage you all to follow him and his modeling adventures on his website, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram -- there's even more pictures of him there! Go check 'em out!

1. Age: 32

2. Where are you from? Durban, SA

3. Favorite workout song? Completely depends on my mood but anything with a strong beat. 

4. Favorite superhero? Superman

5. Who or what inspired your fitness and model interest? Have you always been fit? 

My fitness came from my love of sport especially football. Modeling sort of fell into my lap. 

6. What would you say is the toughest aspect of being a fitness model?

Having to always make sure you are in shape. 

7. What’s been the most rewarding experience as a fitness model? 

Shooting 3 local Mens Health covers and having those covers go international to 6 or so countries.

8. How do you stay in shape? That is, what does your typical weekly gym schedule look like? How do you keep yourself motivated to stick to your schedule? 

I go to the gym 4 times a week and play indoor football twice a week. I keep motivated because staying in shape has always been a huge part of my life. 

9. Can you tell me about what your regular diet looks like? Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to sweets or junk food? 

I stick to good carbs, lots of protein and loads of water. I'm not too hectic with my diet but I make sure I eat about 5 times a day with lots of water. My guilty pleasure is chocolate milk and the odd chocolate (such as Snickers).

10. What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym?

People using big weights for ego but their form shows that it's too heavy for them. 

11. Can you elaborate on your professional soccer career? Who or what inspired you to play professionally, how long did you play, and what was the most memorable experience of playing?

I played professionally for 14 years. In Europe for 7 of the 14. UEFA Cup 6 games. 5 U23 SA caps with 2 goals. Scored goal of the season in SA 2008/09. The most memorable experience was training at Manchester United at the age of 17 for 2 months. 

12. Who is your favorite soccer idol, and why?

Have so many but to name a couple would be Beckham and Giggs. Becks for his professionalism and love for the game and Giggsy for his pure class. 
13. Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Why?

Briefs, because they don't bunch like boxers. 

14. Do you favor any underwear brands? If so, which and why? 

Calvin Klein because they fit well. 

15. You’re in a public place and you get a natural wedgie -- how do you handle it? 

I don't wear underwear unless I'm shooting but if I was I would pull it out discreetly. 

16. What would someone find if they went through your underwear drawer?

Loads of Calvin  Klein briefs.

17. Do you have a lucky or favorite pair of underwear? If so, what style/color?

Haha no I don't. 

18. GQ wrote an article a few months ago stating that “tighty-whities” are stylish now. How do you feel about tighty-whities, & do you agree with GQ?

I do agree provided it's the right tighty whities. As I said before they comfortable and don't ride up your leg.

19. Do you have any funny or memorable underwear stories?

Yes, I was playing in a first team rugby game in high school, and within the first 2 minutes my pants got ripped. I had to change shorts in the middle of the field and I was wearing tighty whities and a mate shouted "Porno" so the nickname stuck for awhile. 

20. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don't put your name in your undies in case you have an accident and nothing more embarrassing then them being found with your name on them.

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  1. Ryan Botha is awesome. Not only is a great role model, he's a great person.