Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scott Backman Interview

Scott Backman is a professional comedian who was a joy to talk with. I highly recommend checking out his site to learn more about him, watch some of his videos, and to learn more about the organizations he's a part of! Additionally, I encourage you all to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Check out his stuff -- he's a funny man!

1) Age: 34 years old

2) Where are you from? Mount Olive, New Jersey

3) Favorite movie? I don’t think I can pick just one so how about I pick 3. Airplane, Overboard and The Birdcage 

4) Favorite current pop song? P!nk, Just Give Me A Reason

5) I read in your “About Me” section that you decided to be a stand-up comedian after your marketing job ended. Can you tell me about your experience of uprooting yourself and going across the country? What were your emotions and thoughts during this time? What inspired you to make that decision? 

If you would have had asked me two weeks before I decided to do this, I would have told you that you were out of your friggin’ mind! The next few months of my life were never what I could have expected or dreamed would have ever happened. 

I started a blog about how I was stuck at a job where I dreaded going every day of my life. This is something I would never anyone to do while at work. And if you do, pay very close attention as to where you save documents you are using. I started a document to keep blog topics about how I hated my job. How I couldn't stand my boss, how I watched YouTube clips all day or how I really felt me coming to work everyday was pointless except for the paycheck I had relied on. Well, I had saved this document to a public server named, “TO WHAT MY LIFE HAS COME!” Long story short, my boss found it and I was “let go.” 

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.,  “Free at last, Free at last.” I decided to take this change as an opportunity to change my life. For me to do what I really wanted to do. So after living in Boston for 11 years, I was off to Los Angeles. I’m very surprised I wasn’t nervous at all. I was leaving all my family and friends I have know to drive 3000 miles to where I had nothing. No job, no place to live and only knew 2 people. But I was off, driving across this scary county all alone. They aren’t joking when they call it the “Bible Belt.” 

6) As a supporter for Pact for Life, what would you tell someone who is going through an incredibly rough time and doesn’t think he/she has anyone to talk to?

I know of way too many occasions where people have taken their own lives because they feel alone and don’t know how to change their life to be happy. We all go through rough patches and we all need to go to the people we trust most when we fall into a dark place. Because life with out these people, are much worse than anything they are going through. None of us are alone. 

7) You are also a major supporter of the National Brain Tumor Society. Can you tell me more about this society and what your most rewarding experience has been from volunteering for them? 

In 2008 my whole family’s world stopped whey my younger brother Jonathan was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We had a 5.5-centimeter meningioma removed. Luckily it was completely benign.  He recovered like a champ is going strong today skydiving and racing his motorcycle. 

The National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding a cure for brain tumors. NBTS aggressively drives strategic research; advocated for public policies that meet the critical need of the brain tumor community; and provided comprehensive patient, family and caregiver resources. 

8) As an animal lover, do you have any pets? What’s your favorite animal? Are you a cat or dog man? 

I do not have any pets of my own . . . yet. I’m way too busy and it isn’t fair to have a dog that is home all day by itself. I love dogs, cats and all animals. I am planning a volunteer vacation to South Africa in the fall to help rehabilitate injured monkeys and other primates.  I can’t wait! 

9) Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Why?

I’m a brief kind of guy these days. They don’t ride up and are most comfortable will all the shorts and pants I wear. 

10) Do you favor any underwear brands? If so, which and why?

I don’t favor one brand, I like to try new one all the time. I have all type and styles. :)

11) What would someone find if they went through your underwear drawer?

Let me go take a look…….. They would find a very wide variety of styles from boxers, briefs, thongs and even one pair of Spanx. 

12) Do you have any funny or memorable underwear stories? 

Beside pulling an Al Roker? 

13) GQ wrote an article a few months ago stating that “tighty-whities” are stylish now. How do you feel about tighty-whities, & do you agree with GQ?

I do think tighty-whities are stylish now. But not too sure about the white part. I do enjoy wearing them and seeing others in them :)

14) You can judge a man by the type of underwear he wears – agree or disagree? Why?

Underwear is a very intimate piece of clothing. I think based upon the type of underwear a guy is wearing you can tell how comfortable they are with their body. 

15) Do you have any strange or unusual talent that no one knows about? 

If I have a hidden talent, it is so hidden that I don’t even know about it. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rock DuBois Interview

Rock DuBois is a pop/dance recording artist and actor. Mr. DuBois is also very interested in health & fitness, and has an advice column on his website in which anyone can anonymously ask for advice. Mr. DuBois was an excellent interviewee: he provided a timely response and gladly elaborated his answers with much depth. I encourage you all to check out his website and listen to his music. For real folks, it's great stuff! He can also be found on Twitter & Instagram 

1) Full name: Jeanrock DuBois but everyone calls me Rock or Rocky

2) Age: 24

3) Where are you from? Southern New Hampshire, about 40 minutes north of Beantown (Boston).

4) Favorite movie?

 I have a few actually: Wizard of Oz never gets old, My favorite Disney Movie is Alice in Wonderland, and I can watch Matilda and Mean Girls ANY DAY.

5) Favorite current pop song? 

I’m a long-time fan of the Romanian artist, Inna. She is gorgeous and her new album is the soundtrack to my workouts these days. Definitely check her out!

6) Who or what inspired you to become a performer? 

Even when I was younger I really always enjoyed making up skits and writing songs with my friends and choreographing dances to songs we all loved. I wasn't necessarily inspired as much as I was jealous that people could wake up everyday and perform for a living. As I got older and my looks changed and everything, I just craved being able to be in the spotlight and doing what I love. It’s been stagnant lately, but it’s only temporary!

7) What would you say is the toughest aspect of being a performer? 

I think in general, people need to have a thicker skin. I attended a talent convention in 2010 and I lost some serious weight to be able to compete for commercial modeling, singing and acting. I remember one agent looking at me and looking at my headshot and telling me I had lost too much weight since the photo was taken. At the time it stung a little, but I’ve learned something: You can never please everyone, and you should never try.

8) What’s been the most rewarding experience as a performer?

My most rewarding experience would be all of them! The amount of different people I’ve performed with and also the different things I’ve done just make me feel so fulfilled at a young age. I’ve been through two preliminary rounds of American Idol, America’s Got Talent called me for private auditions, I had a single released on iTunes, I’ve had my music played in a clubs in different countries and so much more. It’s just insane!

9) What have you learned about yourself from being a performer?

I didn’t learn this, but I’ve always believed in my abilities and in myself. I’ve always been ridiculously independent and strong-willed and felt I could do anything. I’ve just proven it over time. It’s my greatest legacy.

10) What has been your most embarrassing experience as a recording artist or actor?

Hmmm….honestly, nothing comes to mind! It takes a lot for me to be embarrassed haha.

11) Who or what inspired your health and fitness interest? Have you always been fit?

Woah, this is gonna be a long answer…

I spent most of my life an obese child. When I graduated high school I was 270 lbs, size 44 pants and heavily asthmatic. It was not pretty. Even though I was overweight, I never lacked self-confidence and I really thank my mother for that because she instilled that people will always love you if you are a good and genuine person, regardless of how you look.  Wanting to be in entertainment, it was just a fact of the matter that being overweight just limits you in the long run and I didn’t want that for myself. I began just changing my diet in January of 2008 and by August of that year I had lost 80 lbs. From there I started toning up more and by 2010 I was 155 and going for commercial modeling. After I left that phase I am where I am today. Building my body and constantly challenging my limits and myself has definitely been the hardest process, but also the most rewarding. My weight currently fluctuates between 180 and 210 lbs depending on the time of year. 

I actually LOVE Instagram and have about 5,000 followers who tell me everyday how much my transformation and positivity helps them everyday and that is a HUGE motivation for me to keep it up and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. Some people have said my pictures are risqué, but honestly dude, walk down the street in Manhattan and look at any ad and you’ll see the same shit. I’m doing nothing but inspiring and helping people and I’m still a good person. People just love to talk when they feel uncomfortable or insecure and I’ll let them :) I’m always willing to talk to and help people who get me and truly want to make a difference in their life!

12) What is your favorite way to stay in shape? Can you also tell me about what your regular diet looks like? Do you ever find it impossible to pass up sweets or junk food? 

My favorite way to stay in shape is through strength training (weighted and body weight exercise) and high-interval cardio. My regular diet is different throughout the year, but primarily it is a low carb, high protein, and moderate fat diet. I’ve done some pretty crazy diets so I can definitely tell you what works and what doesn’t for me, but everyone is different.  

As far as giving up sweets, nothing is impossible….sometimes we make the sacrifices for the things we want most. There have been plenty of times I have had to completely turn away from a table of food because I couldn’t eat anything. It happens haha.

13) What’s the most interesting health/fitness tip or fact you’ve come across? 

I found it extremely intriguing that when carb cycling, you can go three days on low to no carbohydrates and have a huge cheat day on the 4th day and actually lose MORE fat. The human body is incredible and is the perfect machine, but we have ways of tricking it.

14) You offer advice to anonymous people on your blog. Can you tell me how and why you started this? Have you run into any questions that you haven’t been able to offer advice on?

Well, in everyday life, I have always been the person friends and family members come to, to vent and get feedback on things. I guess it happens because I’m always really well composed and know how to handle my own business and emotions, etc. so I have every ability to help others and I love it. Because it’s such a gratifying experience for me, I started the blog so people all over could reach out and have someone to ask for help or advice. I’ve gotten questions on a variety of topics and I think the most rewarding instance was when someone told me that I saved their life and I continue to every day. I still get goosebumps reading the messages she sent me after I answered her question and that’s exactly the reason why I keep doing it.  I just really love being able to help people!

There has been one instance in which the subject was just something I didn’t want to touch and it was about incest. I politely messaged the anonymous person back with an email with numbers they could call to get in touch with professionals who could help them. Hope it reached them ok.

15) Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Why?

Well, I will be honest…up until late last year, I never wore underwear haha. I was told I needed to start wearing them by my doctor so naturally I went for the smallest I could get away with. I currently wear and LOVE string briefs. They cover everything but have no strap and they never ride. Best of everything.

I wear jocks on certain occasions and I have some trunk briefs just in case haha.

16) Do you favor any underwear brands? If so, which and why?

I currently wear Life by Jockey brand string briefs…conveniently available at your local WalMart haha.

17) GQ wrote an article a few months ago stating that “tighty-whities” are stylish now. How do you feel about tighty-whities, & do you agree with GQ?

I would say anything can be stylish or sexy as long as you wear them and own it. I think the classic brief is an iconic image of being a guy, it’s what made underwear sexy for us haha.

18) What would someone find if they went through your underwear drawer?

They would find a small amount of underwear, bed shorts, jocks and ya know…other underwear drawer stuff :) haha.

19) Do you have any funny or memorable underwear stories? 

Hmm…. Well one time I was at the chiropractor and he asked me to take off my pants so he could examine my hip and lower back alignment and it was when I never wore underwear and I just looked at him and said “I can’t….I’m not wearing underwear..” haha it was embarrassing for a second and he joked and was like “It’s ok, sometimes I don’t wear any in the summer either!” haha

Another time was when I WASN’T wearing underwear again and it was an intimate moment and when my pants came off they were like “Well, that was easy.” hahahah

20) Do you have any strange or unusual talent that no one knows about?

Well most people know about this but I can actually do impersonations really well….I can actually cry like a real baby and also make my lips look like I got collagen injections….Makes for some interesting pranks!