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Nick Hird Interview

Photo cred: Justin Tayler

I'm thrilled to publish this weeks interview with the handsome Nick Hird. Mr. Hird is an underwear and fitness model, and as you can see from the photo above, Mr. Hird is definitely talented! He kindly provided some more photos of him modeling underwear which can be found at the end of the interview. I highly encourage you guys to explore his website! You can also keep up with him and all his adventures on his Facebook and Twitter! Go check 'em out folks, there are even more great pictures!

1. Age: 24

2. Where are you from? Keighley - West Yorkshire

3. Favorite workout song? Pendulum - spitfire - if ever I beat a PB - that's the song responsible!

4. Favorite superhero? Hands down Superman!

5. Who or what inspired your fitness and model interest? Have you always been fit?

Splitting up with my first girlfriend at 16, I was moping around at home during the 6 week holidays and decided to hit the gym.  For the first 3 years it was just purely to take my mind off things, at 18 I got a bad injury and had to stop playing rugby but wanted to replace it with something - so I got serious with the gym!  

Modeling: I was on another shoot (with the next ex girlfriend... Damn them!!!) and the photographer asked me to jump in while she changed (jump in the set, not into him!!) so I did - I hated pictures but his friend saw me and asked to shoot, then his friends' friends and then it kinda' snowballed!

6. What would you say is the toughest aspect of being a model? 

Keeping in shape all year round and never being able to stray too far for too long!  

7. What’s been the most rewarding experience as a fitness model?

I'd personally say it is the team - #teamhirdy are over 4,600 strong now in a matter of months and hearing people are inspired to do more and do better and be more really really helps. I love my team! They're the best - if you're not part of it it's @hirdymodel **PLUG!!**

8. What have you learned about yourself from being a fitness model?

That I can push myself harder than most.

That I am a stubborn little bugger (if I want's mine!) 

9. How do you stay in shape? That is, what does your typical weekly gym schedule look like? How do you keep yourself motivated to stick to your schedule?

At the moment :

Mon 6-7am weights
Tue 6-7am weight 6:45-8:00pm rugby training
Wed 6-7am weights
Thurs 6-7am weights, 6:45-8:00pm rugby training
Friday 6-7am weights
Sat - 9-945am cardio
Sunday - hand down pants and do nothing!!!

I find it easy to keep motivated IN the gym as I am very competitive and want to look better than people I see.. The hard part is getting up at 5:00am to make my days' food, as I go straight to work from the gym and have a very busy job!

10. Can you tell me about what your regular diet looks like? Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to sweets or junk food? 

I try to eat clean as much as possible - diet is usually 6-7 meals a day and varies depending on what I'm dieting for. A generic day will probably be something like:

Meal 1: Oats, ironscience pro range whey protein 360, eggs (usually about a 3/or4:1 ratio of egg whites to whole egg is how I have them)

Meal 2: Chicken breast, whole grain rice, lots of green leafy vegetables, a small spoon of chunky salsa

Meal 3: Rice cakes, peanut butter (again dependent upon time of year), almonds, 0% Greek yogurt, blueberries, 1 scoop of ironscience pro range whey protein 360

My nemesis is crisps - out of season I can sit and troff a tube of Pringles and full multipack of crisps without blinking an eye..
11. What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym?

'Average Steadheads' - controversial I know.  My stance on steroids is this - I do not disagree with them at all, or people who do them. In fact there are a lot of well known and not so well known models/bodybuilders who use them and openly admit it but their shape is amazing and in my opinion is worth it. 

The 'peev' I have is that every Tom Dick and Harry now a days is jabbing their arse without any knowledge and most are just testosterone fueled jerks who have no gym etiquette and worst of all a below average physique. I feel if somebody is going to do them at least research them and make a go of it and not look 'average' (if that makes sense). I don't and never have used them - but I would not class myself in the same league as somebody who uses them properly with knowledge physique wise.. I've used a couple of fat burners before but the ones used don't class as steroids.

12. Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Why?

Boxer briefs...  I think they are much more comfortable than any other - I am currently very lucky and sponsored by who supply me with all three varieties and when I do buy underwear.. This is where it comes from!!!  But my faves are the boxer briefs. 

12. Do you favor any underwear brands? If so, which and why?

I have shot in PUMP, DOREANS, HOM, D&G - all from (love them!)  I also like the Alick Alexander range that I modeled a few years back - (I may be doing more for Alick Alexander this year - watch this space!) 

13. You’re in a public place and you get a natural wedgie -- how do you handle it?

Whack my hand down my pants and get it out... Maybe remark to the person next to me about having been sliced like cheese by a cheese-wire.

14. What would someone find if they went through your underwear drawer?

Ha ha... I have "best underwear" for nights out (as my trousers always come off at some point) and for shoots. I have "gym underwear" that consists of loose underwear that is old.  Finally and one of the best items - my leg day jockstrap - I wear it on leg days so I don't get cut in half or strangles while squatting.  And thongs for nights out when I'm feeling daft... You did ask!!!

15. When you model underwear, do you have a say in which style you’ll wear?

It varies - I usually take items and myself and the photographer chooses what we like, sometimes underwear is provided specifically for the shoot.

16. Do you have a lucky or favorite pair of underwear?

Not really - I'm sorry!  

17. GQ wrote an article a few months ago stating that “tighty-whities” are stylish now. How do you feel about tighty-whities, & do you agree with GQ?

I've done several tighty whitey shoots, I don't mind them, they remind me of my granddad though... I like them on shoots!

18. Do you have any funny or memorable underwear stories? 

Loads of them!  I've been thrown out of loads of nightclubs caught dancing with my trousers down or off and escorted out of a pub in headingley (Leeds) with my pants at my ankles from doing the Macarena semi naked...

The most memorable was probably at primary school (in tighty whiteys) when I was rushing in PE and ran out of the changing room into the sports hall (mixed class of boys and girls including several girls I fancied) and realizing I hadn't put shorts on and had my little 9 year old todjer bobbing about in the tighty whiteys in front of everybody.

Or even just last week I fell off an 18 foot scaffold and was taken to hospital and the nurse had to lower my shorts - I just giggled as I knew what was coming - basically I was commando and she got a shock when it flopped out of my shorts next to her hand!

19. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Life's a bitch and then you marry o... Joking!!

I'd say it is "you can succeed, or you can make excuses, you can't do both"

Photo cred: Giles Crofta

Photo cred: Justin Tayler

Photo cred: Justin Tayler

Photo cred: Justin Tayler

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