Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Josh W. Interview

1. Age: 25

2. Where are you from? Paisley, Scotland

3. Current occupation?

I work as a water treatment engineer, and I travel 100% of the time for work. I also do some travel blogging on the side to help pass the time in more remote locations ( 

4. Favorite current pop song? "Lay Me Down" by Avicii ft Adam Lambert

5. Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Why? 

Boxer briefs - I think it's the fact that I find them comfortable and more flattering (at least on me).

6. Has your current preference always been your underwear preference? If not, what’d you switch from, and what made you change? 

For a long time my underwear choice was dictated by what showed up in my Christmas stocking (thanks mum...). In my mid teens it was boxers and now things are generally getting shorter and tighter. Now I'm taking more control of what I'm wearing and bringing home my dirty laundry for my mum to wash. That's given her the hint of what I prefer to wear. It's still taking her a while to grasp the fact that a high quality pair of boxer briefs/briefs is infinitely preferable to half a dozen pairs of cheap, novelty pairs or boxers/boxer briefs (I've had to explain to her it's like investing in a good bra), and less of an embarrassment in the locker room/bedroom (hang on... is she trying to control my sex life?!).

7. Do you favor any underwear brands? If so, which and why? 

Calvin Klein is my go-to brand, especially for special occasions; they fit well so I won't be adjusting myself throughout the night, and they're pretty respectable.

8. What would someone find if they went through your underwear drawer?

I actually live out of a suitcase, but when I do stay somewhere with drawers long enough they would find an assortment of my favourite pairs of boxer-briefs, maybe some briefs, a mixture of thick work socks, trainer socks and invisible socks for wearing with espadrilles (i.e. TOMS), plus 2-3 pairs of Brazilian-cut swimming trunks (which I'm notorious for occasionally posting photos of me in on Instagram). 

9. You get a natural wedgie in public – how do you handle it? 

Well at the moment I'm in India so I just deal with it then and there, which no one bothers much about. Back home I would discretely adjust temporarily if possible, before heading to the bathroom to untangle myself. 

10. Do you have a lucky or favorite pair of underwear? If so, what color/style? 

I have a couple of pairs of boxer briefs in turquoise and grey which used to belong to my ex. I really should get rid of them, but they are so comfortable... it's a tough one!

11. Do you have any funny or memorable underwear stories? 

This one time in high school we had a year group sports day, and there were about 300 of us in the games hall waiting to start. Suddenly I felt someone try to pull my shorts down. Fortunately I had two pairs of underwear on as it was a fairly cold day, so I avoided any major embarrassment. And then I had a rush of anger and pushed the guy responsible. Bad idea.

12. GQ wrote an article stating that “tighty-whities” are stylish now. How do you feel about tighty-whities, & do you agree with GQ? 

I don't agree, there's just something about them that doesn't appeal to me. 

13. Worst wedgie experience?

I had a few long haul, overnight flights recently where my underwear rode up pretty badly and I was blocked in on the middle seat so it wasn't easy to get out to the bathroom and adjust myself. It got really uncomfortable after 8 hours...

14. Words to live by? Make the most of every opportunity, every situation, good or bad.

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