Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tyrone Nell Interview

I'm thrilled to publish this weeks interview with the super handsome model Tyrone Nell. Mr. Nell is a professional model from South Africa. He kindly provided me numerous awesome pictures of him modeling underwear which can be found at the end of the interview.  I encourage you all to follow him and his modeling adventures on his Twitter, Blog, and Facebook -- there's even more pictures of him there! Go check 'em out!

1. Age: 26, well, 25 but almost 26.

2. Where are you from? Cape Town, South Africa. But now living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

3. Favorite superhero? Hmmmm… Is Thor a superhero? If he is, then most definitely him.

4. Zoolander or Hansel? Zoolander of course!

5. Have you always been fit? 

Nopes, I used to be extremely skinny and underweight and never excelled at any sports. I did however spend a lot of time outdoors as a kid in a small town called St. Lucia in South Africa and that involved a lot of walking and running and swimming, it was just that for some reason when it came to competing at school, I was a lost cause.

6. Who or what inspired you to become a model?

Myself to be honest! My dream is in actual fact to do film and television. I dream of the first time I get to take on a lead role in a feature film! Modelling was merely a stepping stone towards what I really want to do as I lacked self confidence and I was extremely green and unsure of how to get to where I wanted to be, so for some reason I had this little voice inside me telling me to head into modelling first. Somehow that little voice has guided me to where I am today with the modelling and my first short film under the belt and now also my first gig hosting a television show here in South Africa called Fashion Guru SA.

7. What would you say is the toughest aspect of being a model?

"Hurry up and wait!" haha! We work long hours and most of them are spent sitting around doing nothing. Other than that I would say the usual old criticism you get from going to castings or from shoots and facing rejection, but that you tend to get used to. 

8. What’s been the most rewarding experience as a model?

Meeting the most interesting people, getting to work and network with people who intrigue me and the fact that I keep on learning so much more about myself as a person and the journey that I am on challenges me on a daily basis.

9. Have you had any embarrassing or awkward experiences while modeling?

Not really to be honest, we always goof around on shoots and I try not to take myself too seriously at times. I think the most embarrassed I have felt though was when I initially started casting for television ads and had to start acting out absurd scenes without props and only imagination!

10. What is your favorite way to stay in shape? 

The good old fashion gym session! I don't really watch my diet and I am lucky enough to not have to do cardio due to my high metabolism, but in order to keep the muscle I have to lift weights.

11. Can you also tell me about what your regular diet looks like? Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to sweets or junk food? 

I am lucky enough to not have to watch my diet really, and I don't really crave any foods in particular...

12. What’s your biggest pet peeve or “no-no” when it comes to men’s fashion? 

haha! I am such a fashion mishap, although now I am trying to improve my eye for style, but it is taking a while. One thing that I have always disliked though, even as a child is when people wear white socks with black shoes. Ah, and also blacksneakers, I dislike blacksneakers!

13. Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Why?

Briefs, I just find them more comfortable and they look hot!

14. Do you favor any underwear brands? If so, which and why? 

Tough question, I have loads of favorites, but right now I would say my top ones are CIN2, Andrew Christian and 2Xist.

15. Do you have a lucky or favorite pair of underwear? If so, what style/color? 

I have many! No lucky ones though… I love my white undies and then my black ones as well as all of my jock straps!

16. Has modeling underwear made you pickier when it comes to underwear? Are you more interested and knowledgeable in underwear than when you started modeling?

Absolutely! Beforehand I would wear any underwear, if it was bought at the 50c store I would probably wear it, but once you have experienced true comfort and sexiness then you never go back!

17. What would someone find if they went through your underwear drawer?

Lots of hot underwear and jockstraps! They would probably want to try them on...

18. You get a natural wedgie in public – how do you handle it? 

I tend to straighten out and make sure that everything is in the right place beforehand.

19. GQ wrote an article a few months ago stating that “tighty-whities” are stylish now. How do you feel about tighty-whities, & do you agree with GQ? 

YES! Tighty whities are my favorite of favorite underwear!

20. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

It sounds so cheesy, but to never give up, and I am serious! 

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