Sunday, September 1, 2013

Liam Hudson Interview

I'm pumped to publish this weeks interview with the incredibly handsome Liam Hudson. Mr. Hudson is a professional model that has recently been done work for Tommy Hilton. He kindly provided me some awesome pictures of his photoshoot with Tommy Hilton Underwear which can be found at the end of the interview. There's even a picture of his underwear drawer!  I encourage you all to follow him and his modeling adventures on his Twitter -- there's even more pictures of him there! Go check 'em out!

1. Age: 20 years old

2. Where are you from? Edinburgh, in Scotland

3. Favorite superhero? Captain America is 100% my favourite! 

4. Zoolander or Hansel? Zoolander! Been told I steal his poses from time to time, embarrassingly!

5. Have you always been fit? 

Physically yes, I did gymnastics and diving from a young age so I was 'skinny ripped', however not that aesthetically pleasing. 

6. Who or what inspired you to become a model?

I've always been really into fashion, mainly high fashion and runways and knew I wanted to model from a young age, I just didn't have the face/body for it until much later life. I loved watching 'Make Me A Super Model USA' as a teen and used to remember or write down hints the coaches gave.

7. How did you get involved with Tommy Hilton?

I was doing a shoot for the amazing Joe McCormack, producer and Owner of Menenti Magazine, and Tommy Hilton asked if I would model the new range at the same time. I loved the underwear styles, and I am always happy to help people out, so I of course accepted, and to be honest I'm so glad! The company has been great.

8. What would you say is the toughest aspect of being a model? 

It's a tough industry in general. I think having job offers promised then turned down is a hard part of it all, people offering shoots but never going through with it. You learn to have a tough skin shall we say.

9. What’s been the most rewarding experience as a model? 

Modelling for me has been a great way to reach people and help them achieve their own fitness goals, it's also been amazingly rewarding having people appreciate all the hours and dedication you put in off the camera. 

10. What is your favorite way to stay in shape?

I have a pretty specific workout routine, which my great personal trainer Andy McLaughlan has just switched up for me to build more size! I am also an avid American Football fan, so I love to throw about with my friends.

11. You have a pretty artistic tattoo – can you tell me the meaning or significance behind it?

The tattoo on my right fore-arm which reads 'love is my weapon' I got as a reminder that love is a better weapon than my fists are, and violence solves nothing. I believe that if we all loved more the need for violence would be much lessened!

12. Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Why?

Up until recently I was a boxer-brief man; however, since modelling the new Tommy Hilton briefs I have fallen in love with briefs. Personally, I think they give you more support as well as sitting better under dress trousers or short shorts.

13. Do you favor any underwear brands besides Tommy Hilton? If so, which and why?

I vary between Armani and Calvin Kleins, mainly cause my girlfriend enjoys me in them! However if I had to pick one I would have to choose the white Armani boxer-briefs as they sit short as well as tight giving a great comfortable look. 

14. Do you have a lucky or favorite pair of underwear? If so, what style/color?

I actually do have a lucky pair of undies, my navy, real short boxer briefs from Alexander McQueen. I don't quite know why they became my lucky pair, maybe the fact they cost me £46 for one pair! (Worth it) but I do remember wearing them all the way through my school finals and they didn't fail me then, just needed a good wash after!

15. Has modeling and working with an underwear company made you more picky when it comes to underwear? Are you more interested and knowledgeable in underwear than when you started modeling? 

I'd be lying if I said no, before modelling underwear I could wear a pair of cheap boxers quite happily as I believed the only person seeing them was myself or my Girl. However, now that I've modelled some top end stuff I really do look for quality, shape, and styles more as well as being a lot more willing to splash out on a nicer pair. I would say I am 100% more interested in underwear, however my knowledge does tend to stay to high end brands. 

16. What would someone find if they went through your underwear drawer?

About 25 pairs of Tommy Hilton briefs, a load of Calvin Kleins, Armanis, mainly in plain colours - navys, blacks, whites! Oh, and sometimes the odd bit of money if they are lucky! 

17. You get a natural wedgie in public – how do you handle it? 

Oh, that's a hard one! It would be dependent on who I am with! Around my mates, I wouldn't hesitate to fish them out by hand, however at a dinner or some formal I find the whole sit and slide technique works great haha!

18. GQ wrote an article a few months ago stating that “tighty-whities” are stylish now. How do you feel about tighty-whities, & do you agree with GQ?

Personally, I am a fan! As I stated previously one of my favourites to wear are Armani 'tighty whities', to be honest any guy who has something against them obviously just can't pull them off ;)

19. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To always follow my heart and do everything I do with passion! Sounds cliche, however I firmly believe that if you follow your heart's utmost desires and give yourself to them 100% with passion, no one can stop you!

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  1. Hot model and nice Tommy Hilton undies! Gonna get some :)